Author Topic: Details on SS-20 control output so I can plan a DIY way to connect to Boss ES-5?  (Read 1922 times)


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So the SS-20 has a control output, I don't have any midi equipment but I was wondering what are the electrical specs of that output so maybe I can try to use it with a switch device that has control inputs like the new Boss ES-5 with 5 loops. is it a mono or stereo connector? Does it provide some sort of DC voltage or is it just a relay output? How much current can it handle? Is it latched or momentary pulse or whatever?   

Alexander AMTsupport

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SS20 control output is a mini-jack stereo. It is intended for use with our FS2midi.
There are optocouplers on the output (LTV826). Look at the SS30 manuals for more understanding.