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Hi folks,

Thought I could share this with you.

Instead of using the Pangea as a plain IR loader, I bought it to replace whatever "full" amps. Of course I am aware that there's no dynamics captured in an IR, so any kind of amp overdrive and/or compression would not be available. But then, over the last few years, all my sounds were coming from my pedalboard only, so all I really need is a clean, pedalfriendly amp. Which is what I have been using for around the last 5 years or so (amps used: clean channel of either a Boogie MKIV, a Fender "The Twin" or a Laney LC50).
To get similarily good results from IRs only, I have been creating individual IRs from some pre- and poweramps and then run them through whatever cab IRs. I tried all that out inside Logic, which would allow me to run IRs serially, parallely, EQ them, stack them up and so on. Once I was happy with a certain setup I mixed everything down to single IRs which I am now loading into the Pangea.
And guess what? This is working amazingly well! I have already played 2 gigs with just my pedalboard and the Pangea, one via InEar, the other using a rather nice RCF FR monitor. Kickass sound and I didn't miss my amps for a single minute.
I may add some compressor in the future, but for now this seems to be the way to go for me.

I could happily post a soundfile or one or the other IRs I'm using.

A master volume would really be VERY welcomed!

First post here, so, the most important thing I need to get off my chest is: What a fantastic little unit! This has already changed my life - yes, I'm dead serious!
I will happily explain how I'm using the Pangea in another thread, might be interesting for some other folks, too...

Anyway, as this is a "suggestions" thread, here's what I'd like to see more than anything else: I really wish I could upload and reorganize IRs to the Pangea while it is playing, so I can instantly check out the results without disconnecting it from the computer and powering it up again.

In addition, an onboard "copy/paste/delete" option would be great. As is, it takes a computer (or smartphone/tablet, fwiw...) to do that.

Oh, and because this has been mentioned before: Is it really possible to run the Pangea with 9V without doing any damage? That'd be awesome!

Hi. Most probably your CP100 is protected. To be sure, measure the resistance of the output jack. Insert a TRS cable in OUT and measure Tip-Sleeve and Ring-Sleeve. Both have to be 830 Ohm (or 3kOhm in the newest version). You needn't leave CP-100 without  power with XLR cable connected.
Hi there :)

I got myself a CP-100 for christmas after I recently saw that there was an affordable IR loader without much extra in a very handy format. So far I'm quite content with the device, but I got a suggestion for a (hopefully sometime) coming update - is it possible to give the set/esc button in the main menu the functionality to simply swich between the standart screen and the file name screen, but have the rest of the button funtion the same on both "screens" so you can also change presets and banks when seeing the name of the IR? This might help keeping an overview. Theoretically it should be a relatively easy thing to implement.

Also thanks for the preset editor, sadly only saw it after I've dialed all presets down to about 23 by hand XD. By the way, is there a free programm that let's you edit the impulse files? The problem with the DAW I use is that it can't really export a file that short.

Since I plan on using the CP-100 live I've soldered a stereo stereo jack to xlr cable kind of adapter, but haven't tried it out yet. Also there were some warnings about phantom power damaging the output capacitors on older models, is there an easy way to check if my device is protectet from that (e.g. plugging in a stereo cable and measuring the diode conductive voltage between GND and the ring and tip with a multimeter)? When it arrived it already had the newest firmware and orange paint, so I guess it's the newer model.


P.S. just saw the CP-16 announcement, would've also been a good option since I like building my own pedals, but they get much bulkier than the CP-100 most of the time so it's alright :D
So, I figured it out myself after a while:
If you press "Sys" in Global mode, there's a line "midi pc map". There you can assign the program change commands. For the CP-100 FX has "only" 100 Presets (which does not exceed the 127 Midi commands available), it's pretty simple the corresponding preset number by default (1->1, 2->2,...).

All my problems were caused by a faulty MIDI-cable...The commands I sent were all corrdct from the start. Well, maybe someone else has also any problems in this area and might benefit from my experience, at least...

did anybody figure out by now, how I can address specific presets with midi commands? That would be a great help.
I'm using a GLabs GSC-1 and want to instantly switch to specific presetes in the pangaea FX.

Any help greatly welcome! Thx upfront!
OVERDRIVE / DISTORTION pedals / Questions Regarding D2 & R2 Pedals
« Last post by mflemmer2 on December 13, 2016, 04:33:11 am »
Happy Holidays to all! I'm considering getting 2 AMT pedals, for 2 different shades of high gain. I use the clean channel of my Mesa/Boogie Studio Preamp as a foundation for pedals (basically Fender black face tone), into a Peavey 6L6 power amp. I've decided on the P2, but also want one of these three: D2, R2 or E2 (please, no R2D2 jokes). I've listened to online demos, most notably the ones by Brett Kingman. However, I'm hoping someone else that has actually compared these can chime in. I want the second pedal to provide more crushing lows and chugging rhythms as a contrast to the P2. I'm torn between the D2 and R2. The R2 seems a bit more defined in the lows, and better for solos, while still sounding massive. The D2 sounds like it might have a bit more gain, and be even more beefy/brutal in the lows, but I wonder if it tends toward muddiness. Between these two, which has the most gain? The heaviest lows? The best definition, especially in the lows? Does either tend to be fuzzy or muddy? I understand that the D2 and R2 are going to be more loose and "saggy" than the P2, similar to their related amps. Any advice is appreciated. The E2 sounds a bit too close to the P2, but with less gain, and the B2 sounds a little too dark, based on demos I've heard. Thanks in advance!
"SS" Preamps / Re: Next SS-20 issue...
« Last post by radiator on November 18, 2016, 12:02:14 pm »
Okay - send/return is described as xs10/xs11 but anyway - issue's solved!
Thanx so much, now everything's fine again.
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