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Maybe these links will help

In order to install amt.inf driver (the driver for USB serial port),
you have to make several steps and you have to turn off
the driver digital signature.
If you are not familiar with these procedures, please look at
the links below, maybe they will be useful.
Also, You could try to find better links (in your language for example)   

How to disable driver signature

How To Disable Driver Signature Enforcement in Windows 10

How To Install Device Driver from INF file?

How To: Install a Windows 10 Driver using an INF File

how to turn off digital signature?
When I click on the amt.inf file it doesn't give an option to run or install it,
it just opens an info file.
The directions are not clear where they say to install the virtual serial port
drivers-amt.inf file,
install it where? There is nothing there to install?

Not really into changing/modifying my system just to use an editor.
I have a few other editors from other products and never had to do
anything like that to use their editors.
Yes, you can use the CP100 with a 9VDC power supply

Thanks. Already tried successfully.
Yes, you can use the CP100 with a 9VDC power supply
I can't understand the problem.
I downloaded the file
And there is the file amt.inf
No help? AMT?? :'(
Is anyone else having problems getting the new PC editor to work?

I updated the firmware to 2.5.5 and that went ok.

But when I followed the instructions to install the Editor it seemed
like the drivers (amt.inf ?) it needed to work were not included in the download.
The application’s installation instructions:

1. Download the archive file
2. Unzip the file.
3. Connect the CP-100 to a PC with an USB cable and choose the CP-100 mode – USB Drive
4. Copy in the USB drive root folder the file – firmware (it is in the unzipped folder).
5. Safely unmount USB-drive and disconnect the USB cable.
6. Connect a power adapter to the CP100.
7. After the program is renewed, connect the USB cable and chose CP-100 mode “Serial port”.
8. Install CP-100 USB virtual serial port drivers – amt.inf (the file is in the unzipped archive folder).
9. Run the file CP100Setup.exe to install the application.
10. On the end of the installation, run the application AMT Pangaea CP_100

Any help much appreciated.
Hi folks,

Thought I could share this with you.

Instead of using the Pangea as a plain IR loader, I bought it to replace whatever "full" amps. Of course I am aware that there's no dynamics captured in an IR, so any kind of amp overdrive and/or compression would not be available. But then, over the last few years, all my sounds were coming from my pedalboard only, so all I really need is a clean, pedalfriendly amp. Which is what I have been using for around the last 5 years or so (amps used: clean channel of either a Boogie MKIV, a Fender "The Twin" or a Laney LC50).
To get similarily good results from IRs only, I have been creating individual IRs from some pre- and poweramps and then run them through whatever cab IRs. I tried all that out inside Logic, which would allow me to run IRs serially, parallely, EQ them, stack them up and so on. Once I was happy with a certain setup I mixed everything down to single IRs which I am now loading into the Pangea.
And guess what? This is working amazingly well! I have already played 2 gigs with just my pedalboard and the Pangea, one via InEar, the other using a rather nice RCF FR monitor. Kickass sound and I didn't miss my amps for a single minute.
I may add some compressor in the future, but for now this seems to be the way to go for me.

I could happily post a soundfile or one or the other IRs I'm using.

A master volume would really be VERY welcomed!
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