Author Topic: Questions Regarding D2 & R2 Pedals  (Read 1434 times)


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Questions Regarding D2 & R2 Pedals
« on: December 13, 2016, 04:33:11 am »
Happy Holidays to all! I'm considering getting 2 AMT pedals, for 2 different shades of high gain. I use the clean channel of my Mesa/Boogie Studio Preamp as a foundation for pedals (basically Fender black face tone), into a Peavey 6L6 power amp. I've decided on the P2, but also want one of these three: D2, R2 or E2 (please, no R2D2 jokes). I've listened to online demos, most notably the ones by Brett Kingman. However, I'm hoping someone else that has actually compared these can chime in. I want the second pedal to provide more crushing lows and chugging rhythms as a contrast to the P2. I'm torn between the D2 and R2. The R2 seems a bit more defined in the lows, and better for solos, while still sounding massive. The D2 sounds like it might have a bit more gain, and be even more beefy/brutal in the lows, but I wonder if it tends toward muddiness. Between these two, which has the most gain? The heaviest lows? The best definition, especially in the lows? Does either tend to be fuzzy or muddy? I understand that the D2 and R2 are going to be more loose and "saggy" than the P2, similar to their related amps. Any advice is appreciated. The E2 sounds a bit too close to the P2, but with less gain, and the B2 sounds a little too dark, based on demos I've heard. Thanks in advance!
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