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I did a speaker upgrade and it is been about 4 months since I got the Celestion Century Vintage, it is a neodymium speaker. Compared to the stock Celestion G12P80 it sounds way better but into a particular direction, I think it has less low mids but in a good way, like the sound has more clarity but still it is a speaker that has a nice "thick" sound to it when combined with the SS-20 Crunch channel cranked, definitely no ice pick sound here. So far I think it is very easy to EQ when using a fat strat HSS, the chime of single coils plus the thickness of SS-20 crunch cranked and the new speaker make for a very versatile sounding rig. When I use my Charvel with Duncan Distortion bridge I can go into very metal sound but maybe I need more bite so need to tweak the eq when changing guitars.

Sharing of experience / Re: Your first experience with AMT
« on: April 07, 2016, 10:06:41 pm »
SS-20, I was looking for something with real tube sound from fender clean to high gain and overdrive in between, SS-20 delivers, crunch is very versatile.

So the SS-20 has a control output, I don't have any midi equipment but I was wondering what are the electrical specs of that output so maybe I can try to use it with a switch device that has control inputs like the new Boss ES-5 with 5 loops. is it a mono or stereo connector? Does it provide some sort of DC voltage or is it just a relay output? How much current can it handle? Is it latched or momentary pulse or whatever?   

"SS" Preamps / Re: Sqeal on SS-20 lead channel?
« on: March 30, 2016, 12:06:20 am »
Not sure if this had anything to do to fix it but last night I opened the preamp and took a look at the tube to be  sure it was not loose, it was not but anyway I kind of gently pressed it against its socket and put it all together. So today I unpluged every other pedal and just guitar -> preamp -> power amp and no squeal. Plugged everything and no squeal. Normal floor noise level from the lead channel, no noticeable noise from clean or crunch so all is ok now.

"SS" Preamps / Sqeal on SS-20 lead channel?
« on: March 29, 2016, 12:35:47 am »
Last night I was playing at the lead channel, tweaking a lot so I was playing around with gain from 9, 12 up to3 o'clock. Some times I would switch to clean channel and use my Fulltone PlimSoul and back to lead (plimosul off). At some point after going back and forth channels and changing gain values I increased gain from 9 am to 1 pm the preamp started to squeal, very bad. So I had to keep my gain at 12 to avoid the squeal.

Have you ever had this problem? What are the common causes and ways to avoid it?

Well, this seems to be a ghost forum. Anyway,  I decided to post an update here, I finally got a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe iii 1x12 cab, I plugged it to my ISP Stealth power amp yesterday and finally a have my rig complete. So I guess I have to use it for a while and wait for the speaker to break in (and put new strings in my guitar) but for now clean and overdrive are good, the Stealth can drive it loud enough with just one single channel so I have plenty of power for this now or in the future maybe a second cab for stereo or a 4x12 if I ever get the chance to use one. I will try to use this in rehearsal with my friends soon and see how it goes.

"SS" Preamps / What guitar speakers you use with SS-20 for gig or rehearse?
« on: November 24, 2015, 04:37:26 am »
Ok, my first post in the forum and first in the preamp section :)

I have the SS-20 for a year so far and been playing only thru mixer + PA with my friends band or for home recording, still trying to buy a cab this christmas :) The clean channel is really clean, my strat single coils do sound twangy and imho I think it can do kind of the Eric Johnson clean sound . The crunch has a nice range from mild to strong overdrive that sounds great for electric blues or classic rock, lead is metal. So I know there is no single speaker that can do the best for every genre and I wonder which guitar speakers are you using out there and what kind guitar speaker you use with the SS-20 for your prefered music genre. Sound samples or youtube videos would be great.

Nice! What kind of cab or speaker you use for that pedal?

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