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Yes, you can use the CP100 with a 9VDC power supply

Thanks. Already tried successfully.

Hi folks,

Thought I could share this with you.

Instead of using the Pangea as a plain IR loader, I bought it to replace whatever "full" amps. Of course I am aware that there's no dynamics captured in an IR, so any kind of amp overdrive and/or compression would not be available. But then, over the last few years, all my sounds were coming from my pedalboard only, so all I really need is a clean, pedalfriendly amp. Which is what I have been using for around the last 5 years or so (amps used: clean channel of either a Boogie MKIV, a Fender "The Twin" or a Laney LC50).
To get similarily good results from IRs only, I have been creating individual IRs from some pre- and poweramps and then run them through whatever cab IRs. I tried all that out inside Logic, which would allow me to run IRs serially, parallely, EQ them, stack them up and so on. Once I was happy with a certain setup I mixed everything down to single IRs which I am now loading into the Pangea.
And guess what? This is working amazingly well! I have already played 2 gigs with just my pedalboard and the Pangea, one via InEar, the other using a rather nice RCF FR monitor. Kickass sound and I didn't miss my amps for a single minute.
I may add some compressor in the future, but for now this seems to be the way to go for me.

I could happily post a soundfile or one or the other IRs I'm using.


A master volume would really be VERY welcomed!


First post here, so, the most important thing I need to get off my chest is: What a fantastic little unit! This has already changed my life - yes, I'm dead serious!
I will happily explain how I'm using the Pangea in another thread, might be interesting for some other folks, too...

Anyway, as this is a "suggestions" thread, here's what I'd like to see more than anything else: I really wish I could upload and reorganize IRs to the Pangea while it is playing, so I can instantly check out the results without disconnecting it from the computer and powering it up again.

In addition, an onboard "copy/paste/delete" option would be great. As is, it takes a computer (or smartphone/tablet, fwiw...) to do that.

Oh, and because this has been mentioned before: Is it really possible to run the Pangea with 9V without doing any damage? That'd be awesome!


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