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Maybe these links will help

In order to install amt.inf driver (the driver for USB serial port),
you have to make several steps and you have to turn off
the driver digital signature.
If you are not familiar with these procedures, please look at
the links below, maybe they will be useful.
Also, You could try to find better links (in your language for example)   

How to disable driver signature

How To Disable Driver Signature Enforcement in Windows 10

How To Install Device Driver from INF file?

How To: Install a Windows 10 Driver using an INF File

how to turn off digital signature?

Yes, you can use the CP100 with a 9VDC power supply

I can't understand the problem.
I downloaded the file
And there is the file amt.inf

Hi. Most probably your CP100 is protected. To be sure, measure the resistance of the output jack. Insert a TRS cable in OUT and measure Tip-Sleeve and Ring-Sleeve. Both have to be 830 Ohm (or 3kOhm in the newest version). You needn't leave CP-100 without  power with XLR cable connected.

"SS" Preamps / Re: Next SS-20 issue...
« on: November 17, 2016, 08:52:55 am »
Hi there!

I got some output signal problems.
If send/return is not used (empty jacks) the output signal's suddenly very, very quiet - almost muted.
But if I use the effects loop, or just plug in a cable from send directly to return, everything's fine and sound's in regular volume.
This behavior's not normal, or am I off the wall  :o ?!? Don't know, if there's something broken, or any jumper in wrong position?
Does anybody has issues like that? Thanks for help!

I think the problem is with the one of the sockets (send or return) does not work well. There is no contact (probably) when nothing is plugged into a socket. See attachment

You cannot change the levels for all IRs at once. You have to change level of each preset.

Hi Alexander,

I saw your post
Thanks for translating our conversation. :)

Cheers and have a nice day.

Hi. There was a hot discussion of the Pangaea and people wanted to make it more complicated. So forgive me, but I have to give them your arguments. But we had to accept some of their hints too.


Dogman, I sent you a personal message. If you didn't get it, please write to

SS20 control output is a mini-jack stereo. It is intended for use with our FS2midi.
There are optocouplers on the output (LTV826). Look at the SS30 manuals for more understanding.

Frankly speaking, we are surprised to your clear understanding of the issue.
We are agree practically with all you've said.


First of all, thank you for making such an awesome piece of equipment. I got it a couple of weeks ago and I am delighted with the tidiness, sound and potential of the CP-100.

After reading much of the posts here (I am from Portugal and so google had to give some help as I don't understand a thing of Russian)
I noticed that you are preparing a bigger second version of the CP-100 with effects and midi and spdif in a stomp like box (probably following the Torpedo CAB design... but smaller and with more external options).
That's cool and I wish you the best of luck with the "second generation" of the CP-100.

Now, regarding the "first generation" of the CP-100, here goes my suggestions:

1) I see that there is a new firmware (ver. 2.2) that lets you see what is the IR name by pushing the ESC button, that's helpful. Still I think it would be much better if you reduced the size of the numbers of the bank:preset vertically and, bellow that you'd scroll the name of the IR file (I say scroll because some IR file names are very long for informational purposes with cabinet name, microphone used, position and so on).

It's me again. I made a translation of your suggestions and gave it to all engineers who are taking part in the projects. They find them very useful and probably some of them will be implemented. The most amazing thing is the way you got the info from Russian forum with a help of Google. It is not an easy task, especially understanding that it is hardly in Russian (I mean, men there do not  write in a Google style).


Thank for your proposals, they are very helpful. I don't think we will not be able to do much with CP-100. Some tasks can't be done because of not a too powerful DSP in it. The new device has a really powerful DSP and I think all the function could be implemented. Thanks one more time.

"SS" Preamps / Re: SS 20 control out connector
« on: March 14, 2016, 04:53:39 am »
Sorry for misprint "with our FS2midi"

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