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It is really as if AMT just doesn't want to sell these, at least not internationally - which is quite weird, as the latest FW updates offer some substantial added value. But there's absolutely *zero* documentation on what things are doing. For example, what's the deal with the interaction of the volume and slave parameters in the poweramp section? And which poweramps do the 8 numbers represent?
There's so much more in the 6-x FW updates the unit would deserve a new manual.

I agree Sascha, it needs a new manual and give people some info on updates
ect.. in english "if" they want people to be interested in it and buy it.
It's a really great little box but people are put off by this.

I actually did the update and installed the PC Editor (with no help from AMT),
they have a better installer for the editor now (but how would anyone know
about it?). The editor is really cool.
All the stuff they added in the firmware is also pretty cool.
The only place I found any info on anything relating to the Pangaea CP-100
update was from this badly done (noisy) youtube video-

Why can't they at least make a good demo video and put it up on youtube
linked from their website.

I actually bought two CP-100's from AMT and really like them,
but this no information in English is really frustrating!
I think it would do them good to let people have more information on it.

I think most people who would be interested in it go to AMT's website
look around and say screw this I'm not sure what this thing can
do for me!!!!

They add all this neat stuff to the box via firmware, but nobody knows
anything about it, it does not make sense.
I guess maybe they don't care or want to sell any of them internationally?? 

I've looked all over AMT's website trying to find information on
what is in the latest firmware update for the CP-100, with no luck.
Does anybody know what it adds or changes?

Would it kill AMT to provide this info in an easy to find way???

First the messed up Windows Editor installation process with an .info file-
(which I refuse to do).
And now no info on anything regarding the newest firmware that I can find,
even in the "Readme" file in the download!

I really like this little box, but I could not honestly recommend it to anyone.
It's as if AMT do not want to sell any of these and are trying to make it
hard for people to like or understand. 

When I click on the amt.inf file it doesn't give an option to run or install it,
it just opens an info file.
The directions are not clear where they say to install the virtual serial port
drivers-amt.inf file,
install it where? There is nothing there to install?

Not really into changing/modifying my system just to use an editor.
I have a few other editors from other products and never had to do
anything like that to use their editors.

Is anyone else having problems getting the new PC editor to work?

I updated the firmware to 2.5.5 and that went ok.

But when I followed the instructions to install the Editor it seemed
like the drivers (amt.inf ?) it needed to work were not included in the download.
The application’s installation instructions:

1. Download the archive file
2. Unzip the file.
3. Connect the CP-100 to a PC with an USB cable and choose the CP-100 mode – USB Drive
4. Copy in the USB drive root folder the file – firmware (it is in the unzipped folder).
5. Safely unmount USB-drive and disconnect the USB cable.
6. Connect a power adapter to the CP100.
7. After the program is renewed, connect the USB cable and chose CP-100 mode “Serial port”.
8. Install CP-100 USB virtual serial port drivers – amt.inf (the file is in the unzipped archive folder).
9. Run the file CP100Setup.exe to install the application.
10. On the end of the installation, run the application AMT Pangaea CP_100

Any help much appreciated.

Thanks for the replies Dogman and Alexander.

I actually used the editor that someone made for the Pangaea,
I think I downloaded it at the same time I downloaded the latest
firmware update for the Pangaea.

I was able to use it to change the volumes of each preset on the
computer, it's a lot easier than doing it on the unit itself.

With my Pangaea I've been using only 3Sigma Audio IR's. They are really consistent
volume wise from IR to IR.
However, I need to lower the volume of the Pangaea's output across all of them by
the same amount.
Is there an easier way to do this than going in and lowering each volume of each
preset separately 100 times on the Pangaea!!??

Thanks for any help.

Thanks for getting back Dogman I appreciate it!

I changed my setup and now have my Pangaea running off the extra outlet
on the back of my pedalpower, so it's running at 12 volts.

So it is ok to use a 9vDC power supply with the Pangaea with no ill side effects?

I'm loving the Pangaea so I don't want to harm it by using the wrong
voltage, but it would be great if I can use it at 9v on my pedalboard.

Is it still working ok at 9vDC for you Dogman?

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