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Power Amplifiers / AMT Stonehead 50W Yellow
« on: April 10, 2016, 02:16:57 am »
Today I have been comparing my two amps. Engl Fireball 60W with AMT Stonehead 50W. I have been using 2x12 cab with Eminence The Governor speakers. Of course there are couple of differences in sound between them but...
...AMT amp just blowed my mind up (lead 1 channel). Russian hero is so fast and full of details.
In my opinion Stonehead's Lead 1 channel is a bit better than ENGL's lead channel but that is all what I like about AMT.
Clean or Crunch channel can not be any competition for my tube monster.

During the last couple of months I got three Stonheads. Two of them were faulty which I returned to Thomann Cyberstore but I will always come back to this amp because that is the best solid state toy I have ever been testing.

I hope that Stonehead 100W rack model will be at least as good as 50W or even better.

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