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When you activate the PA in an empty (default) preset, the volume will be at 0. But there's a massive volume bump.
When you then adjust the volume, things are fine.
But once you save, leave the preset and recall it, the volume will be WAY up again, so everything distorts.

As is, the PA feature is completely unusable. Needs to be fixed.

It is really as if AMT just doesn't want to sell these, at least not internationally - which is quite weird, as the latest FW updates offer some substantial added value. But there's absolutely *zero* documentation on what things are doing. For example, what's the deal with the interaction of the volume and slave parameters in the poweramp section? And which poweramps do the 8 numbers represent?
There's so much more in the 6-x FW updates the unit would deserve a new manual.

Yes, you can use the CP100 with a 9VDC power supply

Thanks. Already tried successfully.

Hi folks,

Thought I could share this with you.

Instead of using the Pangea as a plain IR loader, I bought it to replace whatever "full" amps. Of course I am aware that there's no dynamics captured in an IR, so any kind of amp overdrive and/or compression would not be available. But then, over the last few years, all my sounds were coming from my pedalboard only, so all I really need is a clean, pedalfriendly amp. Which is what I have been using for around the last 5 years or so (amps used: clean channel of either a Boogie MKIV, a Fender "The Twin" or a Laney LC50).
To get similarily good results from IRs only, I have been creating individual IRs from some pre- and poweramps and then run them through whatever cab IRs. I tried all that out inside Logic, which would allow me to run IRs serially, parallely, EQ them, stack them up and so on. Once I was happy with a certain setup I mixed everything down to single IRs which I am now loading into the Pangea.
And guess what? This is working amazingly well! I have already played 2 gigs with just my pedalboard and the Pangea, one via InEar, the other using a rather nice RCF FR monitor. Kickass sound and I didn't miss my amps for a single minute.
I may add some compressor in the future, but for now this seems to be the way to go for me.

I could happily post a soundfile or one or the other IRs I'm using.


A master volume would really be VERY welcomed!


First post here, so, the most important thing I need to get off my chest is: What a fantastic little unit! This has already changed my life - yes, I'm dead serious!
I will happily explain how I'm using the Pangea in another thread, might be interesting for some other folks, too...

Anyway, as this is a "suggestions" thread, here's what I'd like to see more than anything else: I really wish I could upload and reorganize IRs to the Pangea while it is playing, so I can instantly check out the results without disconnecting it from the computer and powering it up again.

In addition, an onboard "copy/paste/delete" option would be great. As is, it takes a computer (or smartphone/tablet, fwiw...) to do that.

Oh, and because this has been mentioned before: Is it really possible to run the Pangea with 9V without doing any damage? That'd be awesome!


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